jesus raps & then some (vlog).


It’s happened again: we’ve got another memoir on the docket, subcategory: spiritual, at that.  This book is hot off the press, having just come out last week, and especially if you’ve ever found yourself nipping at the buds of the Evangelical culture, this book is for you. Otherwise, well, there might be a better fit of a book for you.  The book? When We Were on Fire by Addie Zierman.

PS: In other news, white girl gets her rap on in this vlog.  Just you wait.

Happy Friday!

(If you’re looking at this via e-mail, you may have to view it in your actual browser).  

What about you?  Have you ever had an “on fire” time in your life?  And more importantly, what’s the best rap you know?  Go!   

This post contains a link to Amazon, so if you click on the aforementioned link and buy the book, you inadvertently support my reading habits, and therefore this blog.  Thank you!

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