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We’ll be nodding our heads and closing our eyes and singing our souls to this little slice of musical heaven tonite…

Macy Gray.  Photo cred: Billboard.
Macy Gray. Photo cred: Billboard.

And we’ll be eating a plate or two of this, because it’s kind of our favorite date night food…

Sushi.  Photo cred: Mizu, Milwaukee.
Sushi. Photo cred: Mizu, Milwaukee.

And while we’ll probably tell a story or two about how he’s a total Food Moaner when he eats now, and how he does a victory lap around his crib whenever he wakes up – this little bugger won’t be with us…

Moan, Moan, Moan (Life is Good).
Moan, Moan, Moan (Life is Good).

Because we’re grateful that these people – the lovely, beautiful, messy, imperfect Church People – say You need a date night, and they force us to let them take him for the evening.

Photo cred: Wikipedia.


And really, it’s how we all should be acting towards each other anyway.

I’m grateful.

What about you?  How is your soul being fed with little, lovely acts of kindness?  But more importantly, are you a Food Moaner?


8 thoughts on “macy, sushi, baby, steeple.

    1. Lolo, it is a huge blessing – as it should be for everyone (and as I should do more often). but more importantly, are you and todd fans of Yoshi’s/jazz music at all?! Double date night!

  1. So awesome, enjoy yourselves!!! (sit down sushi is our date night go-to too, round-a-bout sushi is our family sushi choice 😉 you should introduce can-can to california rolls… our boys LOVE them)

  2. Good for you! It’s so hard to get away with a little one at home. A friend had an extra ticket to a fundraiser casino night tonight so I took her up on it, put on my black dress, pearls, headband and lace tights (Gatsby theme party!) and enjoyed a night out. My boys did great with just their dad at bedtime (first time for me to be away from the baby at night!). It was so fun to dress up and go out for a little while!

    1. Good for you, Sarah – it IS so important, both for the mamas (and daddies) and the kiddos, too. You deserve it! Picture, picture!

      Cara Meredith

      be, mama. be.

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