5 that just might change your life.

We interrupt the normal flow of heart-rendering, faith-pumping, absolutely, positively hilarious creative Cara-writing to bring you be, mama. be’s 5 that just might change your life.  Without further adieu, might I present…

1. This book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  

I love the expression captured on this week’s vlog; it’s rather Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis? meets Oh really now meets Wahhh-wahhhhh.  

2. Coconut chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  You’re welcome.  Original recipe here.

Minus: rice syrup, barley malt and orange extract.

Plus: applesauce (in lieu of above syrup & malt), and solely for health purposes, chocolate chips.

3.  These pants that I just bought on a whim from a private CAbi event – actually, let me clarify: I showed up to the CAbi-fllled house 12 hours after the party actually happened, so I didn’t exactly get an invitation.   Instead, I intended to enter into a day with my Lectio Divina girls, but instead found retail therapy a necessary distraction from the week’s break-in festivities.  Friends, they fit like buttah, just sayin’.  And I suppose they kind of look like it, too.

CAbi Gold Ruby Jean
CAbi Gold Ruby Jean

4.  Grout scrubber.  I know, first a CAbi party, and now grout scrubber.  I really am old.  But when you’ve wondered how many renters the grime in between the cracks of the bathroom floor have represented, and after you’ve chosen to hire a babysitter instead of a housekeeper, these things happen.  And the best part about said grout scrub?  It was passed down to me by a little old lady from church, only after she’d come to our house for lunch.  No further comment, your honor.

5.  This video, in its brilliant and brave embrace of sadness in the age of our can’t-live-without smartphones:

I couldn’t agree more.  Louis C.K., I know I’m just now now meeting you, but I’m a fan.

That’s it! So, don’t be a lurker: what’s changing your life?  Which of these five might you grab and hold onto for dear life?  

6 thoughts on “5 that just might change your life.

    1. haha! Thanks my friend. On my list of things to do before I die: vlogging with you someday! In other news, I TOTALLY thought of you upon purchasing the mustard jeans.

      Cara Meredith

      be, mama. be. carameredith.com

  1. Trying not to be a lurker here. 🙂
    Those cookies sound great – are there some at your house? should I stop by ?:)
    What is CAbi? I”m trying to learn to dress better – more feminine, more style, but still me (umm.. it’s a bit of a challenge!)
    very funny with the church lady and grout cleaner
    still need to watch the Louis CK thing, but it’s all over the web now!

    1. Thanks for making your lurking known. 🙂 The cookies were made for community group and eaten within a matter of 12 minutes – but I’d be happy to make you some of your own, always. CAbi – stands for something, which I can’t remember, but they’re private sales consultants who do home parties – like Tupperware, but with clothes. And nice quality. 🙂 Have you ever shopped at Ambiance? They have a few locations in SF, with a wide variety of styles and prices – but I think they’d be right up your alley with getting started on more feminine, more style, but still you. I’d love to go with you sometime! xo.

      Cara Meredith

      be, mama. be. carameredith.com

  2. How did I miss this!? I found it on your “what I’m into” and now, I’m officially DONE with bloglovin’. (I miss google reader. There. I said it.)

    Adore the pants, would love to pay someone to make the cookies because I’m just not sure I have time to walk to the kitchen this week.

    And finally, I have wondered about that book! On my list. Done.

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