i am from.

Photo cred: SheLoves Magazine.
Photo cred: SheLoves Magazine.

I am from loud.  

I am from laughter and snorts and shouts and yells; I am from Saturday morning cartoons, loud, and Paul Harvey on weekday mornings, louder, and the clanging of pots and pans in the kitchen, loudest.  I am from impassioned conversation.

I am from faith.  

I am from the little Baptist church, and I am from The Old Rugged Cross and I am from It Is Well.  I am from baptism and holy candles, and I am from Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.  I am from the uttering of thankfulness before each night’s dinner.

I am from music.  

I am from pianos and trombones and trumpets and flutes.  I am from the harmony and melody of each song, and I am from evoked heart palpitations felt all the way down to my toes.

I am from food.  

I am from crab and butter and bread for Christmas Eve dinner, and I am from oatmeal cookies, steamy and gooey and golden.  I am from glasses of milk and I am from sticky spareribs and I am from recipes remembered rote.

I am from rain.  

I am from gray skies and drizzle, from raincoats without umbrellas.  I am from huddling beside the fire with a book and I am from staying indoors, because we have to, because we can.  I am from gratefulness of the peeping slice of sun.  

I am from heart.  

I am from enveloping hugs and holy kisses.  I am from snuggles on the couch and I am from goodnight blankets: snug as a bug in a rug.  I am from being loved, always, always, and I am from loving in return.

I am from determinism.  

I am from achievement, I am from goals.  I am from setting the stakes high, and I am from provision.  I am from you can do anything you set your mind to, but mostly I am from I believe in you.  I am from empowerment.

This I am from.  

These things I am.  

What about you?  If you were to answer the question, “I am from,” where would you say you are from?  Linking up with SheLoves Magazine today – alas, I didn’t use the template, as instructed, simply because I didn’t click on the template until after writing today’s post.  Oops!  What does that say about me?  Don’t answer that question.

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  1. Just when I think you could not possibly write something more wonderful and poignant and honest, you go and do it again. This is my NEW favorite.


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