jumping on the kindness train.

Fight through the cheese, friends.
Fight through the cheese, friends.

I feel like we’ve been run over by the Kindness Train lately – in a really, really good, we’re not heading to the hospital sort of way.

And, as humans, isn’t this exactly who we’re supposed to be, and what we should be doing?

When crisis comes, whether little or big or somewhere in the middle, we respond.  We send a text, we make a phone call, we shoot an email; we drop off donuts to friends who’ve had puke-ridden children all week long, and we take the effort to walk across the street and introduce ourselves to our neighbors.  We hug our dear ones just a little bit tighter, and we listen – we truly listen – to the other without seeking to tack on our own story to the end.

This is Mother Teresa.

This is, of course, Jesus, whom she sought to emulate.

This is The Monkees movement of Glennon Melton’s Momastery fame, because this is seeking to treat others in the way we wish to be treated, and this is putting others before ourselves, and overall, this is responding to and acting with an attitude of love.

This, this all, because love does.  

I’ve mused over this whole idea before (here, in particular), and as one friend pointed out to me, there’s a certain irony in that she who seeks to be urges herself and others to do.  And I totally agree, with of course a “but” caveat.

For me, it is in my being, in my resting and praying and allowing my mind to slow down (even if everything around me is Crazy Sauce, exclamation point), that I’m given a greater urgency to respond.  Because it’s in this centering – which for me, is a centering with Christ – that my mind is taken off myself.  I’m reminded that woe is not me, that this too shall pass, and that there are greater battles to be fought.

So who do I need to respond to in love today?  Who do I need to show kindness to, and who can I be even further present to today?

Because when I receive this kindness, this love, this movement of saying and believing that YOU, stranger, YOU friend, YOU matter deeply because you simply ARE – it makes me want to respond with even more love and more kindness and more generosity.  

And isn’t this how it should be?

I’m jumping on the Kindness Train, cheese and all.

xo, c.

Thank you to so many of you who’ve reached out to us over the past week and a half.  Thank you for responding, thank you for showing kindness and thank you for loving us well.  IT matters – so thank you indeed.  

Otherwise, who has shown kindness to you today?  How have you joined in the movement?

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