2 thoughts on “thinking about lady-friends, et all (vlog).

  1. No. 1…love the reference to Lamar almost as much as your singing
    No. 2…love me some Hollywood Housewife
    No. 3…thank you for showing us the “book”
    No. 4…though I haven’t read it, your synopsis of “She Matters” was beautiful…and though it won’t (as in can’t physically be) at the top of my list soon, I’m already thinking about the ways women I know matter and have mattered…
    No. 5…This —-> reason, season, lifetime

    Thank you, Cara! Please keep up the vlogs. Huge smiles over on the east coast today, thanks to this!

    1. Yay!!! Thanks for cheering on the vlogs! I find (maybe as do you) that I have a lot of bloggy stalkers, but not a lot that take the time to write fabulous commentary like you – so thanks:)

      Cara Meredith Courtesy of …the greatest phone on the planet that happens to have an ‘I’ in front of its name.

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