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Today’s post was originally featured yesterday on Prodigal Magazine, but due to current events in the life of our family, we’re a little late getting it up…

Photo cred: Prodigal Magazine.
Photo cred: Prodigal Magazine.

At the beginning of May, my husband received news that his company was downsizing – his own job included.

As a single-income family, this news struck at our core, making time seemingly stand still before us.  It was as if we stood staring at an antiquated, broken-down grandfather clock, seconds hand perpetually stuck ticking at quarter past four in the afternoon, long into the night and through the morning, day after day after day.  

Paradox began to mark our thoughts, invading our conversations, menacingly toying with us each day.

We live in San Francisco, a city that has surely captured our hearts, though not without its share of growing pains.

Was it finally time to leave this place that we were just now beginning to call home? Was the closure of one job – and the inevitable adventure that lie ahead – seemingly our ticket to next steps and new beginnings?

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  1. This really spoke to me. At a time in my life when I feel I have run out of time -or that time is slipping by so quickly -I have begun to hold tighter to my plan and my abilities and in doing so am missing out of seeing God work and experiencing his peace.
    Thanks for following you passion and writing!

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