8 thoughts on “oh, those french women (vlog).

  1. You’re the CUTEST. I loved the vlogging! Hmmm, just the name of that book has scared me away. Condescending? Eww. Yay for water though! I’m a super fan!
    And a super fan of your vlog. xxo

    1. Oh, thank you, friend. Yeah, don’t read it. Instead, keep the water and the walking and the cuteness UP! PS: I think we were thinking of each other at the same time – I sent a text as you wrote a comment. Jinx! Diet Coke!

      cara meredith carameredith.com

  2. Um, PLEASE continue to vlog.
    Reason #1: I read that book a few years ago. I didn’t make it past a second helping of the leek broth, but at least I tried. Thank you for reminding me of its redeeming qualities! Maybe I’ll read it — the back — again.
    Reason #2: If you continue to do book reviews this way, then in the future, I think you will save me time re: book-choosing. For this, I am very thankful.
    Reason #3: so hilarious!

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