you’re welcome.

K, ya’ll: Sunday sermon prep is in full swing, and against all odds Cancan is actually taking a bonafide morning nap – it’s a Christmas miracle!  So in the name of finishing the task at hand, instead direct your reading attention to Sexy Hollywood Men Reading Children’s Classics.

Don't be fooled - this is not the HBH.
Don’t be fooled – this is not the HBH.

You’re welcome.

Thank you Cup of Jo for originally directing your readers to this tribute of a slightly creepy site.

xo, c.

What book did they miss?  What sentence and face would you pair together?  

2 thoughts on “you’re welcome.

  1. Yay! I just watched all of “The Wire” for a class…have you seen it? He’s a bad guy, so I just. laughed. aloud. And we’re watching “Sherlock” right this very second… Such a great site. 🙂

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