simplicity & enough-ity.

Credit: Toiro Kitchen
Credit: Toiro Kitchen

I’m gonna be honest: sometimes I get this idea in my head that having more and being more and wearing more and whatever other mores we deem necessary is best.

I’ll fancy my eyes up with eyeshadow and eyeliner and mascara, which only calls for more foundation and concealer, while the lip liner and lip stick are within hand’s reach.  I’ll stack my closet full of pants I haven’t worn in two years because I’m still hopeful of losing that remaining baby weight, even though my body is drastically different than it was pre-child.  The kitchen counter will be adorned with no less than five spices, two cookbooks, a pile of refrigerated ingredients and half the unloaded pantry.  I’ll even flood my inbox with blog posts of other writers I admire and want to emulate, even though I end up deleting half of them without such a glance at the second sentence.

I’ve forgotten that less is more.

I’ve neglected to heed the advice that simpler is better.

While none of the above examples are bad, per say, they’re also not helpful to the depths of who I am at my core.

For I’m kind of just a mascara and lip gloss kind of girl, and really, there’s just a few pairs of pants that I actually like to wear and actually slip on week after week.  When I “just” cook with olive oil and a little bit of salt and pepper, I’m reminded at the simple perfection of the food’s originally intended flavor.  And when I hone in on just a few writers – the ones my heart really, really jives with – then the tendency to compare myself to everyone and everything else decreases.

Suddenly I realize that what I have to give and to play with and to create with is enough; who I am is enough and where I live is enough and what I do is enough … and I heave a big sigh of relief and throw a fistful of salty grace over my shoulder.  I remember that there is enough grace for me, as the Grace-Disperser reminds us over and over again, you are enough, you are enough, you are enough.  

And I’m grateful.

xo, c.

What about you?  How is simpler better for you?  Where have you forgotten that what you have and who you are is ENOUGH?  

For more on this whole idea of ENOUGH, check out Micha’s thoughts on this word, as it’s her theme word for the year (and certainly her ideas have seeped into my soul and into today’s post a little bit).

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