laboring not (& Bugs Bunny too).

Might you labor not today.

Might you rest and laugh and be and be reminded that your identity is not in what you DO vocationally with your day, but in who you ARE at the core depths of your being.

It’s your you-ness.

And let’s be honest, sometimes we take ourselves a little more seriously than we ought – I mean, I know I do!  So to you and to me, to all those who have a tendency to sometimes believe that the world around us is going to stop functioning if we don’t answer that email, if we don’t make that phone call, if we don’t write that post (…), let this ol’ Bugs Bunny clip be a reminder to chill out a bit:

So, go: hike and grill and nap and read.  Get off your computer (as I’m about to do in 2.5 minutes), hop in your car, or on a bike, go for a walk, enjoy the last remnants of sunshine, and labor not this day.

Might you labor not today.

xo, c.

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