staring at a fujimura.

I’ve been sitting with a book, It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of Godfor a couple of weeks now; albeit, the title is somewhat cheese-worthy to me, but regardless of my own cynicism, the intersection of faith and art, the melding together of one’s soul with the act of creating is fresh on the forefront of my mind.

In particular, showcased artist Makoto Fujimura’s paintings have given me reason to shut my mouth, be, and partake in the Christ-Truth exposed in his work.  I know I’ve seen his paintings before, but this week, this day, this minute, it’s Beauty exposed, raw and real and new for the very first time.

Does he do the same for you?


Splendor for Kayama (
Golden Fire II.
Golden Fire II (
Charis-Kairos - The Tears of God.
Charis-Kairos – The Tears of Christ (
Olana - Matthew 6.
Olana – Matthew 6 (

Happy Friday, friends.  xo, c.

What do you see in these paintings?  What artist sticks out to you, grabbing hold of your soul at a deep level?  

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