Celebrating summer (& want to write?)

Photo cred: HD Wallpaper Pics.
Photo cred: HD Wallpaper Pics.

That big, bright yellow ball in the sky has begun to show face here in San Francisco lately, which is a rarity in itself, given the normal June Gloom – so how else am I to respond than to quickly slam the laptop shut and embrace summer in all its glory?

As one should.

Road trips and visits to family and hotel overnights are on the calendar, and the fridge is stocked with ample fruits and veggies, more than the normal bounty; the TV is off (but for Real Housewives of Orange County, what can I say?), and the stack of books to my right seems to be growing, not depleting.

My old roommate Amanda thrived on the fullness of fall – she loved the oranges and yellows, the crisp bite in the air that beckoned for sweaters and scarves and a cup of hot chocolate in hand, and with giddy excitement she welcomed her favorite viewing pastime, football.  She was one of those bonafide, I-truly-love-the-pigskin type of girls, which perhaps is why she married one of Frosty’s boys turned coach himself. (But maybe also because Jess is kind of the bee’s knees, and really, really loves her in return).

But me?

Give me sunshine and perfect, 80 degree weather that beckons me to don the sunblock every hour on the hour.

Give me squishy sand to crumble beneath my toes, and a book that forever smells like campfire because that’s where you read it last, and that’s where you’ll remember it, always.

Give me sweat and camping and long, long walks with blisters that take two weeks to heal; give me mosquito bites and backyard BBQ’s and heirloom tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, daily.

Give me floppy sun hats and tank tops and brightly painted toes; give me a cold glass of Chardonnay and another Madeleine L’Engle book (because it is, after all, The Summer of Madeleine).

So, here on the blog, we’re going to celebrate summer in the best way we know how: with stories and memories of past and present, soaking in the fullness of this perfect, favorite season.

List a memory or two in the comments, or better yet, answer this question: what’s your favorite childhood summer memory?  E-mail your response (between 500-700 words, preferably) to caramac54@gmail.com by Friday, July 12th, and I’ll publish my favorites on the blog through August.  

And I’ll throw in a few of my favorite summertime memories as well …because I can.

Summertime, we welcome you!

4 thoughts on “Celebrating summer (& want to write?)

  1. Childhood summers in southeast Alaska were idyllic: hikes around a local lake; going to Girl Scout camp; picking blueberries and salmonberries behind our house; going to the beach for a weenie roast and a singalong, looking for beach glass and Japanese floats; and ESPECIALLY getting up in the wee hours to go fishing with Dad. Mom would make us bologna sandwiches and throw in a Nestle Crunch Bar, we’d stop at the marina to pick up some herring for bait, and off we’d go. I loved salmon fishing–the PEACE of it and just being with Dad; peeing in a bucket; watching the eagles sitting in the snags, gargling to one another; being surprised by the surfacing of a porpoise or an orca within FEET of our little boat: it was heaven. And reading…oh, my, I read SO many books over the summer! And Alaska summer days go on forever; it seemed like the sun never set and we’d play kick-the-can and hide-and-seek with the neighbor kids until our mothers called us in. Sometimes we’d get to go for a float plane ride or take the boat to another island for some beachcombing. I wish I could go back and do it all again, with my grandchildren in tow. It’s on my bucket list, for SURE.

  2. Super hot…..as in Fresno (San Joaquin Valley) hot. Running from grassy lawn to grassy lawn, avoiding the stickers that would hide out on the open scorching sidewalk, waiting for tender bare feet to light. Waiting for the night temps to fall below 90 degrees; sleeping next to the big open window for that waft of breeze…with the scent of orange from the backyard tree. Morning chores, then swimming all afternoon at the high school pool a block away for 25 cents. Delighting in the ‘Big Hunk’ candy bar midway through the afternoon to renew energy. (Chocolate was NOT an option!) No sun screen after that first-of-the-year sunburn. Trying to emulate the big kids swimming techniques, thus developing a high level of my own. Failing at diving off the high dive, but belly-flop perfection. Then home for ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ at 5 pm with Spin and Marty and Annette and Bobby…. Such delightful memories…..

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