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Here’s the plain and simple truth: you will love the picture painted by today’s post.  Not only is its writer one of my favorite people in the world, but she taught me how to be still and quiet and be.  Her everyday world is so very different from my own, but that’s one of the things I love about her – so without further adieu, meet Lizzy!  

On one of our many adventures (Colorado, circa 2008 or so).
On one of our many adventures (Colorado, circa 2008 or so).

So, on my family’s farm, we sell fruits and vegetables. We plant stuff, people pick it, they pay us, and everyone’s one big happy family.

There’s this old Russian lady who has been coming every year for as long as I remember, and she’s pretty bad ass. She can pick potatoes like nobody’s business, isn’t afraid to get dirty, and has, I swear, about fifty grandkids. And even though the only English she knows is God bless you and potatoes, she may just be my friend. Actually, I think she really is.

One of her grandkids told me that she loves the farm because it reminds her of her home country, which she hasn’t seen in decades. I love that I get to bring a little smile to my Russian friend’s heart.

Just up the hill from the farm is where I live, in a cute little white house that I share with my sweet pup, Bruce. Out my window, in front of me, I have this great view of the valley and the farm, and my parents’ house next to that. Then, directly behind my cute little white house are my cute old grandparents. Every morning, gramps walks the newspaper down and sets it on my porch. He never misses a day. To my right is my uncle, who is like Mr. Handyman galore. To my left; the cows. They count as friends, right? And a little farther in front of me is an amazing community of Young Life kids and leaders who love me and know me.

It’s as if I’m…..surrounded. By friends. By people who care. By cows.

I think that’s how God works, though. He likes to build unexpected, beautiful circles of people around us. For me, it wasn’t until I stopped trying to build my circle that I realized God was already building it for me. Once I learned that he really does take care of the details if I simply listen and trust, life became pretty sweet.

Community. It’s found in Russian ladies, and family near by. It’s found in friends far away. It’s in the all-grown-up former Young Life girl turned friend, who buys me coffee just because and asks how my day is. It’s found in the loud, crazy group of senior girls who’ve poured out their hearts to me, and who share in my life (and who are always on a husband-hunt for me).  It’s on mountaintops and in the every day things; in teenagers and grandparents.

I don’t think there’s a limit to God’s creativity. Once he plops us down where he wants us, he pretty much takes care of the rest. When we allow the best artist there is to create and sculpt and shape our life, that’s when things become beautiful.

Ugh.  Don’tcha just love her?  (And want to plant your own urban farm?)  Leave a comment for Lizzy below, and in the meantime, if you haven’t already, continue to cheer on Cara’s writing by subscribing to receive emails directly, or by following be, mama. be on Facebook.  Thanks!

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